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Either you have just launched your e-shop or you already are a big name in the business, the best way to take over your competition on the most notorious search engine (namely Google) is to optimize your site for SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps you boost your site’s organic rank and be displayed on the first pages of Google Search Results.

optimizare seo
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optimizare seo
What does SEO

  • Setting up SMART goals
  • On-page optimizations (on-site)
  • Off-page optimizations (off-page)
  • Monitoring changes, analysing results and reporting

01 Setting
your SMART goal
means you should define your goals within the Specificity, Measurability, Actionability, Realisability and Timely (SMART) spectrum. A good example of SEO SMART objectives can be the following: “Growing a website’s unique visitors by 10% in the following 3 months through implementing on page strategies”.
02 On-site
refer to changes applied to a website’s code in order to make it search engine friendly (structured data) or to slighter changes applied to meta tags (keywords, descriptions, headlines) and URLs. Other on-site optimizations can imply removing duplicate content, reducing page load speed and creating an accessible mobile version.
03 Off-site
are better known in the SEO field as link-building or affiliation. This method helps push a website on the top pages of Google by associating its brand with other big names in the industry or media, in order to develop your brand’s credibility & referencing. Champaigns can help you build an online content strategy suitable for your business’ needs and even create the content itself.
04 Monitoring progress, analysing
change and reporting
, specific to all marketing processes, is also found in SEO practices. SEO progress can be tracked and we will send you feedback in accordance with your initial objectives.
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Champaigns helps you set up a strategy:

  • Let's talk. Coffee’s on the house! Then we audit your Google Search Console and your website
  • We offer you a strategy, a suitable budget and a custom mix of on and off-site optimization objectives
  • We proceed with implementing structural functionalities for organising your site’s information (structured data), but also with other beneficial tactics that cover your website’s needs. We test and optimise your site’s loading speed, mobile friendliness as well as other relevant parameters that help you achieve your initial objectives
  • We deliver consistent results and high visibility for the set objective period of time. We monitor the results and reassess the entire process whenever new objectives are set.

servicii seo
servicii seo
servicii seo
Why Choose Champaigns?

  • Boost your Google Search organic results
  • Make your ecommerce relevant for your target audience’s searches
  • Attract the right visitors, who are highly to purchase, for your online shop
  • You get a specific and unique content strategy
  • You lower your digital marketing costs
  • Also lower your Google Ads user acquisition costs by way of better quality scores
  • Lower your Facebook / Instagram Ads costs by boosting your SEO brand awareness
  • Benefit from publicity and credibility obtained from a perfect match with referrals and media parties

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