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Getting started with
Google Ads

Google Ads represents Google’s proposition for paid advertising for any business with an online presence. Google Ads’ main advantage is the PPC (pay-per-click) charging model which allows advertisers to pay only after the user has had their first interaction with their ad. Moreover, for an improved visibility, Google displays the ads before the organic content. Cool, right?

agentie google adwords
google adwords
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Types of
Google Ads

  • Google Search
  • Google Display
  • Retargeting
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Shopping Ads

01 Google
is the most well-known type of ad on Google and it’s based upon the user’s intention to find a product / service when searching. Google Search includes a plenitude of specific settings that optimize and personalize any campaign according to your business’ specific needs.
02 Google
  • Google Ads Keywords Campaigns
  • Google Ads Dynamic Search Campaigns
  • Google Ads Remarketing Keywords
  • Google Search cu email targeting
Google Display is the perfect tool for displaying banner ads among the Google partners’ network, for a new target of users as well as for the users who have already visited your website. Google Display’s secret weapon is dedicated to strategic audiences that can easily be in reach for advertisers’ targets.
03 Retargeting
  • Google Display in Gmail
  • Google Display in Gmaps
04 Youtube Marketing
or Google’s
Youtube Marketing or Google’s video ads division is one of the most profitable channels in terms of audience (more than 1 billion users, aged between 18 and 49) and of time spent on the platform.
  • Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing
05 Shopping Ads
or Product Listing Ads
for retailers uses data from one’s Google Merchant account to establish if an ad will or will not be displayed after a search has been performed. Google Product Listings are an automated Google solution for importing a product feed from the website and they are integrated on the website through Structured Data and API.
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Whether you are a newbie or you already have a Google Ads know-how, Champaigns helps you set up a personalized strategy that will attract new clients to your business! All in 5 easy stepts:

  • Let's talk. Coffee’s on the house!
  • Then we audit your website and your Google Ads account
  • We offer you a strategy, a suitable budget and a custom mix of Google Search, Google Display, Youtube, Shopping Ads și Retargeting
  • We proceed with your campaigns’ implementation and their particular functionalities (geolocation, keywords, negative keywords, banners, videos, copies for ads, former clients’ lists)
  • We test different variations for keywords / banners / videos , we monitor them and then we reevaluate our campaigns

promovare google adwords
promovare google adwords
promovare google adwords
Why choose Champaigns?

  • We are digital marketing experts on Fashion, Apparel and Lifestyle
  • We love tracking and implementing GTM
  • We create audiences that deliver results
  • We free you of the hustle and bustle for budget estimations, and we indicate the necessary budget to achieve your goals for Google
  • We have the best researchers and campaign managers that deliver only good news: reducing the time for implementing, bouncing up ROI, lowering costs for leads acquisition
  • Our work is efficient and effective at all levels
  • We like to take a step back and re-evaluate our work, then implement what we’ve learned.

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